29. Halg

Homemade and Braingrown

the trees around you grow inside your brain
and through your eyes you birth the rain
and you were born from what resides
inside your mind
it likes to hide
itself from you in sentences
that seem new to me

I disagree, I know I'm free
and yet I flee from slavery
atrocities and everything
that seems to me to be... mean

and feel the wave of time wipe away
these lies that always tend to rhyme
with all the things that help you hide
inside your biodegradable hide
and when you look into the sky
no need to go, you've just arrived
I know you sometimes feel desire
for flyin' saucers and fine attire

but you are just a little tired
you need to have your brain rewired
you've got it all and it's right here
there is no need to go anywhere
the aliens are over there
and some of them are drinking beer
and you know what strikes me as slightly weird
you are the reason why they're there

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