50. Halg

Tere aprilli, sõbrad! Juubelihaluks selline lauluke. Inspiratsiooniks üks ilus ärkveluni, milles ma hõljusin pimeduses ja vaatasin oma virmalistest tehtud käsi. Mjah, taas üks selline lugu, mille puhul toonitaks: kuulake klappidega, kel võimalik ;)

The Green Religion

a body made of northern lights
evades all sorts of earthly blights
at ever greater heights, its colors light and bright
while it's taking its flights, so high, in the tarry starry sky

it's the only church I've ever known
the one place where we grow
and die
with reed reaching for the sky
the everchanging mural
of clouds just passin' by
high above the floor tiles
of our lives

it's the only church I've ever been
it has organs played by the solar wind
and I feel like I've died
with reed growing out of me
and the wind entrusts
its secret gusts
with waves of hay
on unmarked graves

the blades of grass
wander here and there
like the everlasting breath
of those buried and dead
animated by silent sighs
from down below
even all our hollow deeds
may yet bear fruit
as apple trees
in due time
it'll all be fine